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Holiday Assortment

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

The farther you scroll down the deeper you get into our amazing selection of Holiday Cheeses this year.  We have ALWAYS been greatful for every single one of you along this crazy journey and try our best to bring you the best quality cheese for a fair and affordable price.  We’re excited to break open these beautiful pieces of cheese for you so you can share with your family during this wonderful holiday season.  We hope to see you all in the coming weeks and stay well.  From our family to yours!

**We are open at 9AM on Black Friday**

Holiday Preorders

The following cheeses are not being sold on the website but may be pre-ordered starting on Black Friday by calling (610) 820-4066 or visiting the shop directly.  Pick up dates for the pre-ordered Christmas Cheeses are Tuesday December 22nd, Wednesday December 23rd & Thursday December 24th.

Papilon Roquefort

This blue is no joke!  Typically a stronger, saltier, creamy blue.  With an extra year added it gets dark, crunchy, super creamy and EXTREMELY tasty and strong.  If you love cheese that fights back, this is right up your alley.

Salty, creamy, crunchy, tasty!

Sartori Cognac Bellavitano

We couldn’t wait for this one!  Soaked for 7-10 days in Remy Martin, this cheese is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.  Mild Sharpness, sweet flavor, with low notes of Cognac.  

Mild sharpness, sweet flavor, COGNAC!

Imported Provolone   *Aged an extra 2 years

Sharp, usually softens up a little after this amount of time which makes serving less of a hassle.  Goes great with some Charcuterie.

Sharp but tends to soften up

Reserve Manchego *aged a minimum of 26 months

Nice caramel notes with a hint of almond lingering around in the after taste.  Always hard and a bit crunchy.  Our best selling Manchego that some aging works some wonders on.

Caramel notes, almond, crunchy!

Thomas Hoe Stevenson Stilton *aged an extra year

From what we’ve noticed, it likes to get creamier as it ages which definitely does justice to the beloved complex and deep rich flavor this English Stilton offers.

deep rich, creamy flavor

2003 Wisconsin Orange Cheddar *17 years*

Along the same lines as the 18 year old white cheddar but tends to be a little sweeter tasting and the texture is a little creamier, to die for!

sharp, dry, little sweeter, to die for!

2004 Wisconsin Orange Cheddar *16 Years* 

For those who want something nice and unique but not over the top!  Always an extremely tasty cheddar that everyone is sure to love.

tasty, everyone loves it!

2002 White Wisconsin Cheddar *18 Years*

Much sharper bite than most Cheddars with a drier texture and a crunch here and there from it’s old age!

very sharp, dry, crunch from old age!

Rogue Creamery Rogue River Blue *Worlds Best Cheese*

Hand made and wrapped in grape leaves, macerated in Pear Brandy; it’s aromatic, sweet, delicate, with a rich, medium to strong blue flavor.  Has a strong pear brandy aftertaste.

sweet, rich medium blue flavor, also  won as worlds best cheese!


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