About Wittman’s Cheese

Bill and Pat Wittman “took over” an established business in 1988. Not really knowing much about cheese, we put our heart and soul into making our cheese shop a successful business.

Experts in Imported & Domestic cheeses of the World!

Than a family of our own started. Shawn and Clayton would spend a lot of time at the market when we worked.

They would wait on our customers and learned to eventually work the register.

Than, as they got older, they were shown how to properly cut the different types of cheeses with the correct knife or cheese wire.

Now Offering
GRUB HUB Delivery

 Now you can have your favorite cheeses delivered to your front door through Grub Hub.  Take advantage of this incredibly convenient, cost effective service by clicking the button to place an order!


1825 W. Chew St.
Allentown, PA



(610) 820-4066

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