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As a cheese shop, Wittman’s World Cheeses naturally specializes in selling a variety of cheeses from around the world, both Imported and Domestic.  What makes our shop different is that our business is family owned, operated,  and passionate about all things cheese.  From choosing the types of cheese properly slicing and serving it in our shop, we spend our day with customers who love cheese as much as we do!

So if you are a cheese lover and would like to branch out your cheese palate, you have to visit our shop.  We have cheeses of all types and flavors that are irresistible.  Great for Sandwiches, cooking, wine pairing, cheese boards or just on it’s own.

We have the cheese you’re looking for and more at our cheese shop.  Come see us at the store in Allentown or place an order with us online!

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1825 W. Chew St.
Allentown, Pa18104

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